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What is Web Hosting?

Are you a beginner in Web Hosting?

If yes, then surely you might have tons of questions swirling in your mind.

What is Web Hosting?

What are the available types of hosting? 

Which is the best hosting to host the web app?

So don’t worry, as all your questions will get answered in this article.

Today I am going to discuss in detail on Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Dedicated Server.

After reading the complete article you will get a clear understanding of Web Hosting and it’s available types.

So let us move further.

What is Web Hosting?

What is Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting?

When you design and develop a website or web application, you wish your website to be accessed by the millions of the online users. Web Hosting is a technology which allows individuals and organizations to upload their website files to an online server space.

Web Hosting is a high powered computer connected to a high-speed network. These computers are located in highly secure and efficient data centers.

Whenever someone types in your website address in the browser, it is connected to web hosting server. Website files are then transferred back to their computer from the web hosting.

Web Hosting is provided by the Web Hosts, also named as Web Hosting Providers.  There are different types of web hosting which you can use to host your website, depending on your website requirements. We will discuss different types of web hosting later in this article.

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Types of Web Hosting

Web Hosting is going through major technology reforms since last few decades as the internet is evolved. There are various types of web hosting available, and each type has its pros and cons.

Let us see the types first and later discuss every type in the details.

Each of the hosting types is able to host your website, but it is also important that you first understand the usage of each before you decide.

Shared Hosting

In Shared Hosting your website shares the server resources like CPU, RAM, HDD, and IP address with other websites. In Shared Hosting we can’t predict how many websites are hosted on the same server.

Shared hosting is best suitable to host low traffic static and dynamic websites.

There are 2 types of shared hosting – Linux Hosting & Windows Hosting

Use Linux Hosting to host PHP applications and Windows Hosting to host ASP and PHP applications.


  • Low cost managed hosting.
  • Preinstalled with essential software.
  • No additional configuration & server administration required.
  • Easy to host websites.


  • No root access to the server.
  • Server resources are shared so it affects website access speed.
  • Server admin is able to log in and check your hosting account.

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Reseller Hosting

In Reseller Hosting you become web hosting provider. You can host your own website as well as you can provide shared hosting to your customers. Like shared hosting, reseller hosting is also sharing the server resources.

The pros and cons for reseller hosting are same as shared hosting.

If you are planning to start the web hosting company with a low budget then, reseller hosting is best option to go for.

Dedicated Server

With the dedicated server, you get root access. That means you can configure your server according to your needs. You are free to install Linux/Windows OS. You can install any software/scripts as per your hosting requirements. In short, you have got full control over the server.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Servers are usually unmanaged servers. That is it is your responsibility to keep your server up to date and secure.

If you have a website demanding high performance or if you want to provide shared hosting and reseller hosting to your clients. Then you should consider a dedicated server. 


  • Dedicated resources with High Performance.
  • No one can log in to the server except you, nor even datacenter engineers.
  • You can provide shared hosting services to your clients by sharing the server resources.


  • High cost and unmanaged server.
  • Need to regularly maintain the server’s security and software updates.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server itself depicts that it is based on the virtualization platform. It is something like dividing dedicated server in the number of virtual servers. Each virtual server has CPU, RAM, and HDD. In VPS hosting you get root access to your server. Here you are free to install any operating system and software as per requirement.

The advantage of VPS over Dedicated server is that it is a low cost as it is virtualized server. Virtual Private Servers are easy to create and destroy within seconds.

Virtualization can be done using one of the best hypervisors in the market. KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine), OpenVZ or VMware Hypervisors.

VPS Hosting is suitable for the websites demanding high performance at low cost. 

Cloud Hosting

This is the new type of hosting platform which allows users to host the websites in a secure, reliable and powerful cloud platform. The cloud platform is reliable as even if a single node goes down or fails to perform other nodes can compensate.

Cloud Hosting

This hosting concept is based on the real clouds. Real cloud keeps on moving continuously likewise in cloud hosting you never know where your data is stored.

Everything is virtualized in a decentralized data center. Unlike VPS hosting, cloud hosting is billed on a pay per use. Pay only for the resources you use for the time it is used. Basically, you will see a pay per hour billing.

Cloud Hosting is suitable to host static and dynamic websites demanding high performance, data availability and security.

Email Hosting

Email hosting is specific to hosting your email accounts rather than your website. There are email hosting service providers like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. Using email hosting you will get your personalized email address.

The advantage of using email hosting rather than free emails is that you get the personalized identity of your business. Email hosting will guarantee your emails are 100% secure and delivered to the inbox.

In this article, we just discussed what is web hosting, web hosting types and use of each type of hosting.

However, I would always recommend you to use cloud hosting as it has a lot of advantages than traditional hosting types. Let us summarize the whole article.

  • Shared Hosting – Low cost, Low performance static or dynamic website, No configuration, Managed services
  • Reseller Hosting – Low cost, Starting a new hosting company, No configuration, Managed services
  • Dedicated Server – High performance, Dedicated resources, Root access, Unmanaged services, Required to do maintenance and configuration
  • VPS Hosting – Low cost, Dedicated resources, Root access, Unmanaged services, Required to do maintenance and configuration
  • Cloud Hosting – Low cost, Dedicated resources, Root access, Data availability, Robust, 100% Uptime, Pay per use billing, Required to do maintenance and configuration

Do you have any further queries related to this topic or article, then do not hesitate to contact me back.



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