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How to Install WordPress on HostGator (2018) – QuickInstall in 5 Minutes

If you quickly want to install WordPress on HostGator, then you’ll love to read this guide.

I have been personally installing WordPress on HostGator accounts since last few years for my clients.

And, here I find the easiest way to do it.

Keep on reading this guide, as I’ll be sharing a lot of helpful tips today.

Before proceeding further make sure you have purchased HostGator hosting account, if not then get it from any of the offers below.

Install WordPress on HostGator

Installing WordPress might not be a difficult task but installing it in the right way is important.

There are two ways of installing WordPress on hosting account.

  • QuickInstall from MOJO MarketPlace
  • Manual Install

The easiest way to install WordPress is to QuickInstall it from MOJO MarketPlace.

In this guide, I am going to explain to you how you can install WordPress on HostGator.

Important: I advise you to read the complete step-by-step guide so as to avoid any misconfigurations that will be caused during WordPress installation. 

Well, It is now revealed that we are going to install WordPress from QuickInstall, but you must be aware of the fact that there are two options available from where you can accomplish your task.


  • HostGator Customer Portal
  • HostGator Hosting Account i.e cPanel

Customer Portal is the account where you can manage your profile, your hosting orders, your billing details etc.

Isn’t that the easy way to manage everything from a single account?

Well, I find it easy.

But there are many who wants to manage their website from cPanel account, even cPanel allows you to do a QuickInstall of WordPress.

If you want to install WordPress from cPanel, then read this guide on How do I log in to cPanel?

Either way, you can perform this operation. But in this guide, I will be showing you installation of WordPress from HostGator customer portal.

Let’s start with the process now.

Step 1: Login to HostGator Customer Portal

In order to start the installation process, you need to Login to your HostGator customer portal.

Important: Customer portal login credentials are different and hosting login credentials are different. Kindly check your email for the correct credentials before you try to login to your customer portal.

Once you are logged into your customer portal you will land up on the page like the below.

hostgator customer portal

The above shown is your HostGator Customer Portal, where you can manage your hosting accounts, profile, billing information, and support tickets.

Step 2: Launch QuickInstall

It’s time for us now to start the actual installation process.

Click on the “Launch QuickInstall”  Link.

You’ll be redirected to your hosting account MarketPlace.

As you can check from here you can install almost all popular CMS’s with One-Click.

Hostgator marketplace


Step 3: Click on WordPress

Click on “WordPress” and proceed further.

It will ask you to choose your domain name.

Important: If you have multiple domains hosted it will ask you on which domain you would like to install the WordPress. Select the suitable domain name from the drop-down. 

hostgator domain select

In this case, I am selecting my domain name from the drop-down. As of now, I want to install WordPress on the root of the domain so I just left the /directory empty.

HostGator will suggest you, whether you want to get the WordPress and theme installed by HostGator professionals or not.

If you don’t want to install the WordPress yourself then you can get it done from HostGator itself by paying the extra money.

But, if you are reading this guide then, I am sure you are looking for a do it yourself solution.

So, as of now just leave it aside do not add any of the plans in the Cart.

Select domain name and click next.

Step 4: Select Settings

Once you proceed further, it will prompt you to input some additional information such as.

  • Blog Title: Put a meaningful title for your blog here. Like mine is Technomania.
  • Admin User: You will need this username to login to WordPress admin area.
  • First and Last Name: Enter your name here.
  • Admin Email: Enter your email address, this can be used to reset the passwords later.
  • Select checkbox for “Automatically create a new database for installation”.

hostgator install settings

Next, click on Install button and wait for a while as your WordPress site is getting ready.


Once installation of WordPress is finished you will see the login credentials.

Important: Kindly note down the password, as HostGator is not sending your password to your email. If you failed to remember your password then you need to reset it again from the MOJO MarketPlace. 

wordpress login

Step 5: Login to WordPress

Now, we have finished our installation process and we got the login credentials for our WordPress admin area.

To login to your WordPress admin area, just click on the “Login”  button.

Or else you can type in this URL “” in your browser.

Important: Replace domain name with yours. 

To verify that installation of WordPress is done properly, you can simply visit your website URL and check if it shows “Website Coming Soon” message.

hostgator wordpress

This way we have just finished the Quick installation of the WordPress on HostGator hosting.

Even though we have just finished the installation without any errors, but there are some common errors that would occur while installing the WordPress. So let us discuss them too.

Common QuickInstall Errors

If you followed my step-by-step guide then you have noticed that installation process was quite easy.

Even though WordPress is installed properly on our hosting account, there are some common errors someone might face while installing WordPress.

Identifying the error in the installation process is simple.

If an installation is halted in between of the installation process, then you will see a red bar with the message “Something went wrong!”.

It’s time to inspect the exact issue that interrupted the installation process.

There is “View Details” option on the same red bar.

quickinstall common error

Click on View Details and you will get the exact problem message that was occurred.

Below are the common QuickInstall errors.

  • File Already Exist
  • Browser Closed Prematurely
  • Software installed on instead of


If you are trying to install WordPress on the directory already having WordPress files and folders then you will get an error message of File already Exist.

If in between of installation process you accidentally closed your browser, or your browser was crashed then your installation might be partially completed and will won’t work properly, this will throw error message Browser Closed Prematurely.

WordPress can be installed on the root domain as well as subdirectory i.e You need to confirm where you have installed the WordPress before accessing it. 

For in detailed error explanation read this HostGator guide on Common QuickInstall Errors.


Here, it is an end of this guide “How to Install WordPress on HostGator (2018) – QuickInstall in 5 Minutes”.

We did install WordPress on HostGator Hosting within 5 Minutes from MOJO MarketPlace using QuickInstall tool.

In this guide, I demonstrated the complete and easy step-by-step installation process with the common quick-install errors.

So try it yourself and let me know your opinions in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading.

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