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HostGator 1 Cent Hosting Coupon 2018

Hey folks.

I am back with an exciting super duper hosting offer for my readers with a bonus tip.

Today, I will show you how to get “HostGator 1 Cent Hosting”. 

Yes, that’s true.

In my previous article How to Buy Hosting from Hostgator @ 60% Discount? I disclosed, how you can get 60% off on your hosting purchase.

Not satisfied with the 60% discount? Still looking to buy hosting at a huge discounted price. 

Don’t worry and follow me, as I am going to make your day by sharing the Hostgator 1 cent Hosting Coupon Code. 

Hostgator 1 cent hosting

Almost every web developer requires a web hosting account to host their personal website or their customer’s website.

Most of the rookies are in search of the best web hosting at the lowest possible price. Not just rookies but many of the experienced web developers seem to be looking for the low cost and reliable web hosting.

Are you one of them?

Then you must read this article to get the Hostgator Hosting at 1 Cent instantly.

Before proceeding further there are some key points you should be ready with.

  • Keep your domain name ready like (your might be something different like
  • Keep your payment method handy, Credit Card or Paypal.
  • And, your personal information such as Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address etc.

Following are the steps involved to avail this offer.

  1. Open HostGator Website
  2. Select the HostGator Hosting Plan
  3. Choose a Domain Name
  4. Enter Billing Information
  5. Enter a Coupon Code

I have already covered the first 4 parts in my previous article How to Buy Hosting from Hostgator @ 60% Discount?

But still, I will narrate you in short how to do it. To know in detail read this article.

Offer is applicable only for the first month of hosting package.

Open HostGator Website

Make sure you open the HostGator website URL provided by me so as this offer works for you.

Select the HostGator Hosting Plan

Now, you will find there are 3 hosting plans available with HostGator.

My recommendation to you is, that you choose Baby plan as it offers you with unlimited domain hosting, unlimited disk space, and bandwidth.

The Baby package is worth the money.

Choose a Domain Name

It’s time to enter the domain name you wish to setup your hosting account on.

There are two options.

First one will tell you to register a new domain name, If you don’t own already a domain name then you can go with this option.

The only thing is that you will have to pay HostGator for registering this domain name.

The second one is to enter the domain name you already own or is already registered. In my case, my domain name is which is already registered.

So I will always go with the second option.

Enter Billing Information

As I already mentioned, this offer is applicable only to the first-month hosting purchase.

So, I will select the 1-month plan which I will be using to test the HostGator services.

It all depends on you, whether to buy the hosting for 1 month or more, but please note you will get the discount for first month only.

hostgator one month plan

Next, fill out your personal details including email address, phone number, and your name.

Also, I already advised you to keep your payment method ready, It’s time to enter the details.

If you have a Credit Card or PayPal select the option and enter those details.

Uncheck all the add-on services suggested by HostGator as we really don’t need them at the moment.

Scroll down to enter a coupon code.

Enter a Coupon Code

Here, start the real game.

I have made this coupon code available to all my blog readers and I am sure this coupon code gonna help you out.


Now, enter the promo code “TECHNOMANIA” in the coupon code field and click on validate button.

hostgator 1 cent hosting

As you can see that after applying the coupon code the final amount due is just $0.01.

You can select any hosting plan for 1 month that you are interested in.

“Just think of this offer as you are getting a 1-month free trial from HostGator to test their services. “

As I promised at the start, here is your bonus tip.

Well, this coupon code is even applicable to HostGator Cloud Hosting. 

If you are confused between HostGator Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting, this is the perfect time to apply this hosting coupon to both the plans.

So, which hosting type you are gonna buy and test it first?

Do not forget to share your experience with me through the comments section below.

Here is the end of this guide, but it’s not the end of the fantastic offers. I will keep on adding such offers again and again. so keep on reading my blog.

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Do not forget to share this offer with your friends and colleagues.

Thank you for reading.

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