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How to Buy Hosting from Hostgator @ 60% Discount

For my readers here is a money super saver guide on “How to Buy Hosting from Hostgator @ 60% Discount”.

Follow my guide as I am going to share with you the 60% Off money-saving strategy on your Hostgator hosting.

I will share with my readers the Hostgator coupon code which I made available to my readers only.

Hmm, sound’s pretty cool.

Stay with me as I walk you through the step-by-step process of buying HostGator hosting plan.

Hostgator 60% Discount

How to Buy Hosting on Hostgator?

A really significant step while starting your website is buying the hosting plan. Buying hosting isn’t a complicated process. But, buying the best hosting plan that fulfill’s the hosting requirement is important.

Most of the rookie web artisans find it confusing which plan to choose, as there are several hosting plans available in the market.

As a newbie, everyone expects that there should be some discount on the hosting plan.

Even if you are bothered by such queries and looking for the answers, then you are the right place.

In this guide, I will help you choose the best hosting plan that works for you. Not the end here, I will help you to get 60% off on your hosting plan. 

Before proceeding further.

If you want to know more about Web Hosting and their types, then read my article on

Before I illustrate the actual buying process, there are some key points you should be ready with.

  • Keep your domain name ready like (your might be something different like
  • Keep your payment method handy, Credit Card or Paypal.
  • And, your personal information such as Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address etc.

Let’s start with the tutorial.

Open Hostgator Website

Obviously, the first step is to head towards the Hostgator Website.

Important: To avail the 60% discount on your hosting package open the Hostgator Website from the provided link. Click to Open the HostGator Website

After you click on the link given above, you will see something like this on your screen.

hostgator get started

Now, click on “Get Started!” button to proceed further.

Select the Hostgator Hosting Plan

Once you click on “Get Started!” button you will land up on the page which will show you the available web hosting plans.

hostgator web hosting plans

You can see there are 3 hosting plans, here is a quick overview of each of them.

  • Hatchling Plan: Host-only one website.
  • Baby Plan (Recommended): Host unlimited websites with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.
  • Business Plan: Host unlimited websites and get free SSL and Dedicated IP.

I always recommend you to buy Baby Plan, as in this plan you can host any number of websites.

Click on “Sign Up Now!”

Choose a Domain Name

It’s time to choose a domain name.


Do you remember I told you the key points above to be remembered?

I advised you to keep your domain name ready.

There are two options we have. One is to register a new domain name and the second one is to add the existing domain name.

hostgator choose domain

If you opt to “Register a New Domain” then you will have to pay the extra domain charges to HostGator.

If you already own a domain name, then simply select “I Already Own This Domain” and add your domain name.

It isn’t mandatory to buy a domain from HostGator, a domain can be purchased from GoDaddy and linked to HostGator hosting account later.

Next, provide HostGator a username and pin number.

Important: I recommend you choose the 36 months term plan, as this discount is only applicable to new purchases. Renewal will not give you that huge discount.  

confirm hosting plan

Billing Information

As I already said keep your payment method handy, it is time now to enter those details here.

There are two payment methods by which you can make a payment, one is Paypal while another is Credit Card. You can choose either of them as per your convenience and availability.

Enter your personal details such as Name, Phone and Email address. Double check if everything is fine and proceed further.

hostgator addon services

As you see HostGator will recommend you some additional add-on services.

As of now we really don’t need such add-on services so we will uncheck all options and proceed further with our important part of this tutorial.

If you want to test the hosting services for 1 month only, then you must check out this guide on HostGator 1 Cent Hosting.

Enter a Coupon Code

This is the important section of this guide.

After selecting the suitable Hosting plan I am going to share with you the 60% Off coupon code. This discount coupon is provided by HostGator to Technomania blog readers.

In the coupon code field enter the code “TECHNOMANIA60” and click on validate button this will apply a discount to your order value instantly.

Promo Code: TECHNOMANIA60 

hostgator coupon code

As you can see that after applying the coupon code 60% discount is instantly applied to our order.

Since we ordered the hosting plan for 3 years, you can host the unlimited number of websites for 3 years at just $143.28 only.

Kindly review your order and personal information and click on create an account.

This will create your account and you will be redirected to the payment page (depends upon the option you have selected). Once you make a payment your order will be processed.

HostGator Payment Done

You will then receive an email with all your hosting account details within a short time.

Hostgator order ready

Hope, this guide helps you in buying process of your hosting plan from HostGator.

If you have further queries then do not hesitate to contact me via the comments section below. You can also signup to our newsletter to get such offers directly in your email box.

Also, if you find this guide informative, then do share this with your friends and colleagues.

Thank you for reading.


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